Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Take Me To Your Gay Leader...

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OK, that speech that was censored last night at the Medford City Council.

Here is a portion of the contents of that essay:

Citizens need to know who to contact on the transition team who represents the same sex community, the transgender community (separate from the same sex community,) the disability community.

You know, when I read in the newspapers about the "gay leadership" it makes me wonder.

"Where is the gay community?"

There is no gay leadership.  What? A martian comes to earth and says "Take me to your gay leader?"

When I told a resident this after the meeting he said "You have a gay leader."

I asked for the name and the resident replied:

"Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr."

Hey, don't blame me, I'm the messenger, not the gay leader!   !!!