Thursday, December 24, 2015

When Women FALSELY cry "Wolf" and claim they've been attacked

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Dr. William Wood yelling and screaming October 6.
We didn't catch Vesuvius erupting at its peak, just part of the lava flow

      Bullying by false "attack" claims should be a hate crime, especially when leveled at a minority male who is also a senior citizen.

     A woman in Medford who has conducted herself poorly in public in front of two city councilors also holds a position as the "secretary" of the disability commission.

    Common sense would dictate that a person appointed by a mayor needs to be held to a higher standard.    

    This victim of Jeanette Kathleen Spalding is requesting that Diane McLeod who runs the commission strip Ms. Spalding of her position and her title for lying in a public group.  That kind of despicable behavior is what we experienced from Dr. William Wood, who whined and complained that McGlynn didn't choose him for that same commission.

    The reason you were not chosen, Dr. Wood, isn't that you are incorrigible, incorrect,  bullying and mean-spirited if you don't get your own way; it is because McGlynn knew he already had your vote. McGlynn didn't give a damn about qualifications (think ex-detective Stephen LeBert for just one sorry case,) McGlynn let these positions lie dormant until he could use them for a quid pro quo, to get votes for Muccini-Burke by using appointments as currency.   Vote for the other guy, even with qualifications, there's the door.

     When a woman cries that she's been "attacked" falsely, it makes it difficult for true victims of threats or domestic violence. It is the girl who cried "wolf" and it is a slap in the face to every victim of such crimes.

     When the woman then goes into a court of law - if having tangible evidence that a neighbor is pestering her arises, the court may look with a suspicious eye if a woman has a history of lashing out and blaming everyone.

    Part of being on a commission is the ability to interact with the public.  Clearly, cyber-bullying and escalating a false claim - and using the disability to bully a senior citizen / minority person with, is disgraceful and not the kind of conduct this citizen wants to see displayed by a public official, a "secretary" of a disability commission.   

     A victim shouldn't hold his or her breath for an apology when these "Dr. Wood" moments* happen.   And that is tragic.

*A Dr. Wood moment is when a disabled person uses the disability to bully and besmirch innocent people; using their disability to censor a person and deny them the same free speech the disabled person wants.

Dr. William Wood yelling and screaming October 6.
We didn't catch Vesuvius erupting at its peak, just part of the lava flow

Crying Wolf

In a system that assumes children don't lie and women are victims, false allegations happen with alarming regularity and frequency

National Post, September 8, 2001
In a Toronto courtroom last spring, a trial began. The defendant was a man accused of criminal harassment, that newish crime against women popularly known as stalking.

Now that the Duke "rape" case has been brought to its conclusion and the falsely-accused young men have been thoroughly exonerated, it is time for us - especially us women -- to come down hard on the woman who cried "Wolf" and those who enabled her. They caused a whole lot more damage than the little boy in the fairytale.