Friday, December 25, 2015

Third-Party Harassment

Rachel Tanenhaus accuses this editor of "Doxxing" - the same accusation by a woman that is restrained from criminal harassment.

Is this a third-party attack on a victim by Rachel Tanenhaus?


Rachel, one question concerns me. Are you friends with the woman I had to get a protection order against, because you have mot been very encouraging to me at BFR or anywhere. 

In fact, I'd say you've been downright antagonistic to me both publicly and on the board wherre we both sit professionally. You want to lie about me and yell "doxxing," I will tell the truth,. You haven't done ANY work that I can see for BFR while I've taken meeting minutes (and you praise Dan, not me, who do you think helped Dan start doing the meeting minutes? And why didn't you have the initiative to do that work, not leave it up to me? when someone else didn't do his job) and put a newsletter together and speak with members who need help and attend extra meetings (membership meets) to help make things better. That fraud accusation of "doxxing" - see, that's a blatant false attack. No address was published, only the fact that I have the address she was supposed to give out at the council. That woman is not very nice to people, as you witnessed, and certainly not the kind of person I want representing me. I was waiting for someone to say "Doxxing" and clearly posted that on my blog. The individual who started that has a restraining order on her for harassing me. It just makes me wonder if the attacks are third-party harassment from that individual. It would be nice to see some support from you since you are on a commission and this writer has done the heavy lifting at BFR and here. And I will fight for this community with every ounce of energy I have, God willing.