Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Councilor Camuso Crocodile Tears at the City Council

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Allegedly Paul A. Camuso was angry with his grandmother's will.   

Allegedly, current City Councilor Paul A. Camuso (at least until January 4, 2016) attacked his own grandmother with an axe or a meat cleaver or a butcher knife. There are many sources who have reported about a violent ugly attack by Camuso on his own grandmother.

So Camuso was weeping like John Boehner on steroids about his grandmother.  But didn't
Paul A. Camuso move the wake from one funeral parlor to a different one to spite the family?

And though Bound for Boca Aunty Carol was there tonight, why was one of Camuso's closest relatives missing in action? 

As one resident said to me: "His own XXXXX
wasn't there for him tonight. What does that
tell you?"