Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Dello Russo discriminated; failed to call "out of order" legally

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Jeanette Spaulding, for two weeks, went on television and refused to give her address "for safety reasons."

If she has been threatened she should NOT be on TV and should be talking to the police, not being slippery and getting on TV without giving her address.

If she libels someone how do they sue?  Especially with a city hall that is secretive with information.

Jeanette Spaulding is on the Disability Commission

As a public figure she has no right being so not forthcoming.

Especially when her or her colleagues are all for "free speech" and transparency

Jeanette Spaulding on Facebook 12/22/15 - 17 hours ago from the City Council 7-10 pm
  I'm a little sad that this speech for Mr. Penta includes how he doesn't change his vote regardless of who was in the audience speaking up. Not listening to citizens on issues is sad.

Spaulding then apologizes for "speaking out of turn."  Being on a Medford Commission, she is not being very fair to we senior citizens or others in the community, in my opinion.

But Fred Dello Russo Jr. should be ashamed of himself.

Commission for Persons with Disabilities
Henry Milorin, Member, 6/30/2018
Natalie E. Breen, Member, 6/30/18
Susan W. Bibbins, Vice Chair 6/30/18
Rachel Tanenhaus, Chair 6/30/17
Jeanette Spalding, Secretary 6/30/2017