Saturday, December 26, 2015

What Do Paul Camuso and I agree on? How Silly Michael Ruggiero is

566,977 @ 2:16 pm

I was talking to a resident outside of Alden Chambers and Paul Camuso was walking by.

I said "Paul, tell this person what you think of my opinion of Michael Ruggiero."

Paul agreed with me.  One of the few times you will see THAT happen.

A friend was on the phone - I told that person how I had unblocked Mike Ruggiero, the loony guy who:

a)told me he loved me  (not kidding you!)

b)Wanted me to video his belle-at-the-ball campaign for city council at the library

c)told me I was "divisive" but that he needed me.

Boo hoo.   Michael Ruggiero just blocked ME after I unblocked him.  Oh, I am so upset!

It's almost as bad as getting run over by an out-of-control wheelchair by one of the bigoted racists from the disability commission!

Oh, I will never get over it.

Michael Ruggiero, the creep who lifted Charter Review - someone else's idea - retaliated by blocking me after I blocked him...oh, horrors...

will I survive?

Maybe Jae Spalding can let Ruggiero on the wheelchair and together they can take a long ride off of a short pier.  

Ker plunk.  

Because Ruggiero's transplanted to Medford political career that he never had is going nowhere quite quickly.  They're both better off spreading their nuttiness underwater...until they piss off the lobsters, whales and sharks!

Hey, Stephanie Burke stole an election. Let us not let it ruin our Christmas when there are arrogant, full-of-themselves hypocrites like Jae Spalding and Mike Ruggiero with their dumb activities that make for good humor.

 "I am not a man or a woman...I am a person!"

Paraphrasing Jae Spalding.

Hey Jae, I am a ROBOT and we have rights too!

A senior citizen homosexual robot, and you are denying me my civil rights!