Sunday, December 27, 2015

Medford's Destiny, Our Destiny

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Leading Medford Out of the McGlynn Mess

Wake up, Medford!

It is our destiny to make Medford one of the best cities in America, one of the best cities in the world.

Keep the faith, Medford.

For sixty years the city has experienced a fleecing by the McGlynn family.  While McGlynn forces pay-to-park on YOU, he puts his daughters in the school system, with Roy Belson holding his nose and praising the McGlynn daughters.

Praising women who didn't have the integrity to go to different school systems and MAKE IT ON THEIR OWN without their crooked daddy giving them a position in "the family business."

Why is Ronald Delucia not sitting in a jail cell thinking about how crooked he was on the board of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc?

It is because McGlynn had a purpose for the theft of access TV.   Delucia will be brought to justice is just persistence, uncovering more information, and putting law enforcement on notice that there is a statute of limitations.

When two individuals have connections to this city, reportedly do not know each other, were allegedly engaged in sick child pornography, and are currently walking free, the common denominator is the outgoing mayor.
The Medford Police have valid information on the alleged Medford child pornographer. They haven't done a damn thing and prior to alerting the police the journalist who uncovered this situation first reported it to the FBI and then to the office of the District Attorney.
The FBI said that they would indict the police if the police tampered with the evidence. That's right, before it was handed over to the police the FBI was alerted that a victim had come forward to a news outlet and wanted the alleged pornography to be reported.

A public records request will be issued to the Medford Police Department tonight or tomorrow with instructions on how they should have handled the evidence.

From what this reporter was told back in July, the investigation was not properly handled.

Of course, this reporter also told the Medford police where to find a certain receipt on a certain copper caper.

The e mails are Hansel and Gretel bread crumbs.

If the guilty parties attempt to stifle this voice, there is enough evidence out there to bring the guilty parties to justice.

How can Medford be great with Arthur DeLuca walking around without supervision? 

Arthur Deluca, the town embarrassment who is the embodiment of deranged.

You don't succeed with imbeciles like Deluca on an important board of directors. You end up paying for a service you don't receive.

McGlynn stole public access from the residents. This past election was so fraudulent.

There was no access TV.  McGlynn ripped you off.  Michael J. McGlynn gave his daughters high-paying jobs and takes your money and has it sitting in a bank account.

McGlynn should be sitting in a prison for the rest of his damn life.  He's crooked.  McGlynn is the worst.

And now his lieutenant (the word that begins with "lie" ) - Stephanie Burke, and his other LIEutenant, Mark E. Rumley, they act so haughty, they attempt to justify their theft of the public's resources to pad their own pocketbooks, they delude themselves into thinking that they are honest people.

It is the furthest thing from the truth.

Mark Rumley has not the integrity to make Medford great.  In Alden Chambers, the place where he lied to Judge Jackson-Thompson, just a month or so ago, Rumley said McGlynn is an honest man.

So is Tony Soprano!

So are Adolph Hitler, Pol Pot, Timothy McVeigh, dzhokhar tsarnaev - take your pick by Mark Rumley's low standards.

Mark E. Rumley's extremely LOW standards

Paul Camuso representing you is like being married to an abuser and not doing a damn thing to get that rat out of your life.

YOU are to blame, Medford, for this lack of greatness.  To have McGlynn, Camuso, that idiot Dello Russo, that moron Rick Caraviello, that damn fool Adam Knight as YOUR representative is like having the whores run the whore house, it's like having the Brinks Robbers taking the stolen money and buying the Brinks corporation itself.

It is illogical.

Medford has a destiny that doesn't include Roy Belson.   Belson is nervous about anyone finding the truth about documents requested in a public records request.

Up to this time, those individuals have done bad things in secret, and citizens were too afraid to realize that the POLICE are PUBLIC SERVANTS, the CITY COUNCILORS are PUBLIC SERVANTS, not dictators, and taking Fred Dello Russo, Jr. into a court of law and explaining the censorship joker that he is not fit for duty.

FXXXX  XXXX  XXXX is not qualified to be council pxxxxxxt.   If his grandfather and uncle didn't build a business (that sent them both to prison) xxxxx wouldn't be so smug.

He would be some lonely male looking for people to steer him in the right direction.

But Dxxxx Rxxxxx  profits off of your grief and pain. He promotes himself by using the family name to think he has some respect and some prominence in this city.

No, Mr. DXXXX RXXXx, you are NOTORIOUS, not prominent.   People make gay jokes behind your back, they have been for years.  

As a homosexual male it offends me that you are allegedly so in the closet and your fear of your own sexuality, your self-loathing, makes you the butt of jokes.

The people ridiculing you aren't to blame; they aren't homophobic.  It is YOU, Mr. DXXX RXXXXX, in the closet, a fraud, a charlatan, zipping off to Vegas, voting for your own pay raise.

Heck you might have dozens of girlfriends and lots of offspring as far as I know.  I do not know if you are what people say you are - a closeted gay male.   And certainly it wasn't this news outlet "outing you."  You were outed at the council by a same-sex woman and by your peers.

So just go up to the podium as Paul Camuso did and tell the people as he told people he's the town drunk.  Gee, what a stellar announcement.

Paul Camuso tells people he's the town drunk and thinks he's a hero.

Camuso is a zero and the sooner the stench of Camuso's misconduct is swept away from Medford into some radioactive pit, the better off Medford will be.

They robbed you, Medford.

Are you going to let the robbers tell you that you have to call them the "Honorable Council" and that they can spit in your face and that they can rip you off and steal your hard-earned money from you?

Wake up Medford

Your destiny awaits you, but you cannot let those vultures and scavengers stay in power and expect to wake up some morning and find out that Medford is a hot spot.

Medford Square is a damn mess. McGlynn was in power for 28 years and screwed you. That son of a bitch screwed you, and he prances around for the news media he has controlled.

He's a fraud.  A charlatan.

Judgment day is here.

Frog march those bastards into the office of the District Attorney, and if Marian Ryan wants to pardon them, put her in shackles and hold her accountable with McGlynn, Belson, Muccini-Burke, Martha Coakley, Maura Healy, lock them all up, throw away the key, put Chief Sacco in the psychiatric ward, and let Medford breathe, finally.

Have you no self-respect, Medford?

Harvey Alberg ripping you off and giving his false addresses and his shady, deceptive business practices.

Proud of that, Medford?

Proud of it?

Wake up, oh sleeping masses.  Destiny is ours.

The force awakens.   

The FBI let Whitey Bulger get away with it for years, and McGlynn is laughing at the FBI.

McGlynn is spitting in the face of the FBI

McGlynn, thus far, has gotten away with it.

The FBI looks silly...again.