Saturday, December 26, 2015

Hey Diane McLeod - look at the racist comment from the chair of the disability commission

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Diane, it gets pretty disgusting to see commissioners being so openly racist:

Rachel Tanenhaus - Ugly Quote of the Day

"Yeah, it always goes great for everyone else when rich white folks make all the decisions."

Then she keeps opening her mouth: 

"I figure that if particular demographic groups aren't voting, there's often a reason, and it's not "they don't care" 


 Then, the senseless and insensitive "chair" of the disability commission makes it even uglier:

"What racist BS?"  Rachel Tanenhaus on Facebook  LIKED, of course, by "secretary" of the disability commission "Jae" or "Jeanette" Spalding and troublemaker Chris Siren and two others.


It is so uncaring of disability members to start making racially charged comments in a public forum (or anywhere; it's an indicator of how they really think.)

Former mayoral candidate D'Antonio was outraged, as was I


Stop the racist BS Rachel...enough is enough!

Rachel Tanenhaus gave her best Alfred E. Neuman What? Me Worry?  racist post with this arrogant and telling follow up:

"What racist BS?" 

To which this editor replied:

Oh My God. To quote Denzel Washington in the film Inside Man, Rachel "If you gotta ask...." I'm appalled at your alleged political correctness that is brimming with bigotry.

 Denzel also said in another segment of the film Inside Man "keep the color commentary down."

Denzel also said in another segment of the film Inside Man "keep the color commentary down" to the cop who said "I'd rather die an old bigot than a handsome young corpse." 

The officer was making derogatory comments about Hispanics and African Americans. HE APOLOGIZED TO DENZEL, don't hold your breath waiting for the chair of the disability commission to apologize for such an outrageous and regrettable couple of statements that Rachel made above. Beyond offensive.