Saturday, December 26, 2015

Charter Review? Recall Vote?

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Wondering if Charter Change / Charter Review or Recall Voting would be a better use of our time. If we get tons of signatures for Charter review and the city council votes it down, what is the next option? If we invest that time having a recall vote on a city official - Fred Dello Russo, Jr. for not abiding by council rules, or, if she stumbles, Muccini-Burke, it could open the door for an easier go at Charger Change.

This idea of Charter Change got steam from hard work by Anthony D'Antonio, Dr. John Storella, Jeanne Martin, Bob Cappucci and others.

Outsider Michael Ruggiero saw it as a wedge issue to further his agenda to become an elected official in Medford.

Personally, this editor gave Ruggiero the benefit of the doubt, and it just wasn't one stumble that caused me to speak out against Ruggiero's tactics, motives and creepy way of sticking the knife in the back of incumbent councilors and citizens.

In this free country the great thing is that you can have crackpots like Ruggiero, Tanenhaus, Spalding LLC, God bless their pointy  little heads but not their unethical way of doing things and bad manners.

Ruggiero will take someone else's idea if it serves him, while the rest of us are looking to make this a better community.

Look, at my age I could be dead tomorrow, you think I'm doing this for my health?  I'm doing this to improve this SICK community in dire need of healing.

This is my gift to Medford, shaking up the status quo and picking up the huge rocks to see what is on their dark side;  so the slimy underbelly with bugs like Mike Rumley and Mark McGlynn can go scatter forth and dig deeper as they continue on their journey, their descent into hell.

To be continued.