Friday, December 25, 2015

The City of Medford is going to Hell in a Handbasket - Happy Christmas


Satan has handed out the coal this Christmas, probably delivering it via RC Limos.

What a screwed up city with 58,000 victims of the bad behavior of McGlynn and his phony commissions with people lacking in qualifications who brag they have the skills.


A buffoon's wife gets appointed to the Hormel Commission after a "worldwide search."

People who give disabled people a bad name are on the Disability Commission throwing rocks at multiple senior citizens.  Who the hell do they think they are?

Oh, that's right, it's their "Hobby."

It is better to be angry than depressed, according to Terminator 3 (the movie,) so this Christmas, let's get legally angry, Medford, and let us find every avenue possible to clean up this God-forsaken city with its fraud deacons (Brian Codi at New England Baptist Church first and foremost but there's another charlatan who will threaten to sue you if you dare criticize him...problem is, does he sue you as a lawyer or a deacon, he doesn't even know, he's so confused he puts a business address on the church website, till we keep him honest.

Yes, Merry Christmas.   Medford has gone to hell in a handbasket and we have to pull it out of the depths.

Mr. Caraviello is busy busy busy today handing out coal to:

Chief Sacco

Mark Rumley
Darth Stephanie
Mike McGlynn
Johnny Granara

the whole bunch of them.

Caraviello declined to bring the coal to fill Roy Belson's stockings because the devil ordered a TRUCKLOAD for him.

So if you have a white dress on and sit in that limo, be careful of the smudges from all the RC Christmas gifts.

Coal in your stocking...courtesy of the biggest prevaricator on the city council ...and with all those reprobates, it takes some doing to be the biggest liar of all the Frightful Four!

 Post Script:

Scarpelli and Falco start thinking to themselves "What have we got ourselves into?"

Well, George and John, if I could purchase translators for you I would.  You'll need them to figure out what the hell Adam Knight is saying...but...if you could understand his gibberish'd realize the cockamamie ideas don't make any sense anyway and you were better off just tuning him Knight does to articulate residents.

It isn't because Adam Knight is mean.

It's because he can't understand English and leaves the room - Alden Chambers - so as not to embarrass himself!