Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Darth Stephanie Doesn't Have To Applaud

564,435 @ 5:36 PM

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

Notice tall guy is hand clapping and
Mrs. Burke just sitting there, la dee dah! -  with her hands clasped, not applauding.

Also notice Darth Rumley, City Solicitor, who doesn't appear to be applauding.  A former candidate for Senate told me he saw Rumley texting - not applauding. Shame on all of them for such a blatant lack of decorum, if true. But who are you going to believe? Them...or your own eyes?

Why did she even show up? 

Just to be a nuisance? She certainly wasn't there for Paul Camuso because she snubbed him and didn't take the podium when he congratulated her in his usual suck-up manner.

Notice how the photo is fading, just like Stephanie.

Mike McGlynn's going to throw a bucket of water on her sooner than later, Dorothy, and put John Falco in there as "next man up."

Too bad Bea Arthur isn't with us anymore.
She could do one HELL OF A PARODY of

Mrs. Burke.

Then again, who needs a parody when Stephanie is doing such a great job of being the biggest joke in Medford all by herself!!!