Monday, December 7, 2015

Middlesex Superior Court Investigating Mayor-Elect's Husband

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  • Abuse of power
  • Attack on a person’s integrity and security

Verbal assault between co-workers, between managers and employees, or even from clients or suppliers, is defined as excessive anger in a person who insults or verbally abuses another. Verbal assault can be overt or subtle: It is or can comprise the following: Relationship between aggressor and victim. Abuse of power. 
Mayor-elect Stephanie Muccini-Burke's husband, Assistant Clerk at Middlesex Superior Court under investigation by Michael Sullivan at Middlesex Superior Court for the verbal assault on the editor of Medford Information at the Chevalier Theater, October 15, 2015.


On or about March 26, 2015, Editor of Medford Information Central / Community Media Medford is the only access TV professional to give city hall a bid on access TV during the time set by Mayor McGlynn.
McGlynn - who shut down the previous entity that he worked so closely with, Medford Community Cablevision, Inc., now being scrutinized by the Attorney General's office with approximately Thirty Eight Thousand Dollars not accounted for,  keeps access off the cablespace/airwaves to blind the voters and put new candidates at a disadvantage.

After the editor put the bid in, vicious retaliation by those who support McGlynn, including a stalker, a city clerk and the husband of the Mayor's chosen heir-to-the-throne, all harassed the public access professional who had placed the bid.

It was retaliation by Mayor McGlynn

June 12th and 13th stalker harasses editor on Salem Street and Garfield Ave.

June 16, 2015  City Clerk Edward P. Finn violently attacks - both physically and verbally - editor of Medford Info Central at City Hall

September 1, 2015 Somerville District Court issues a restraining order on woman stalking the editor of Medford Information Central

October 15, 2015, Assistant Clerk at Middlesex Superior Court  Brian S. Burke, husband of Stephanie Muccini-Burke, issued the word "Motherfucker" and attempted to stop the editor from videotaping the event from the videographers chosen seat in the front row of the auditorium.  Reportedly, Burke was removed from that area after his outburst and the videographer taped from front right, not front center, specifically because of the Assistant Clerk of Middlesex Court INTERFERING IN AN ELECTION AND POLITICAL SPEECH (OR TAPING OF POLITICAL SPEECH) DURING AN ELECTION, which is possibly a violation of the canon of ethics.

The candidates had agreed on October 14th that they would have access to rows 2 and 3, not row 1.

The Canon of Ethics demands the highest standards for clerks of the court.  The thug-like behavior of Burke, whose wife was supported by the indictment-infested Local 25 Teamsters, reflected that thug-like behavior of Teamsters, Local 25.

A lawsuit by the residents against Mayor McGlynn and possibly against his accomplices is being considered.

More breaking news on Community Media Medford about McGlynn's Dereliction of Duty

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI,) Inspector General's office, the A.G., the D.A., the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Communications Commission and other oversight agencies have a long paper trail of the alleged malfeasance at Medford City Hall during the 28 years of Michael J. McGlynn.

Other national news organizations and government agencies are also aware of the McGlynn shenanigans.

In 2003 this editor first met with Diane McLeod and Mark E. Rumley to report racism at TV3 Medford.  They did not listen.  It took ten years for the vain City Solicitor to get a clue about racism AFTER the Solicitor specifically told this editor that he knew the board of directors of MCC were all "equal opportunity slappers."
His words, yet he allowed them to beat up on an autistic man, an African American woman, a homosexual male and other minorities, no protection from Mark E. Rumley or McGlynn.

In 2013, with charges of racism pending, the Mayor appears to have cut a deal with the rancid Medford Community Cablevision, Inc., the flower of the word "embattled."  

Look at the Quid Pro Quo: