Monday, December 7, 2015

Vetting Muccini-Burke's Transition Team at City Council

551,435 @ 12:59 pm

Breanna Lungo-Koehn, V.P.
City Council Office, Room 207,
Medford City. Hall.
85 George P. Hassett Drive
Medford, MA 02155

RE: Transition team - vetting the team

Paul A. Camuso speaking with Assist. Clerk Brian S. Burke of

Middlesex Superior Court shortly after Mr. Burke called this editor a "motherfucker" in front of women and seniors and lots of witnesses on October 15, 2015, right before "the Great Debate" that was won by the opponent of Mr. Burke's wife.

Dear Honorable Vice President Lungo-Koehn:

Councilor Paul A. Camuso is said to be heading the transition team for Stephanie Muccini-Burke's next Administration in the city of Medford.

As Mr. Camuso interrogated and CORI checked many a taxi-cab driver in the city of Medford, and - when we saw the Medford Housing Authority fiasco where appointees purportedly were not properly vetted, it would be as devastating as the late sex offender at Medford Housing having keys to every apartment if Mr. Camuso has a criminal record and the public was not apprised of it.

Given the lack of transparency, lack of public access TV, and Mr. Camuso fighting desperately to censor residents and keep them off the air, it begs a couple of question:

a)what is Mr. Camuso hiding.?

b)does Mr. Camuso have a criminal record and is he unfit to be the leader of the transition team. or even on the transition team.  Kenneth Krause is cc:'d above as I believe he is also part of Muccini-Burke's crew working on the new Administration.

Enclosed is a public record's request.  I demand the City Council of Medford vet Mr. Camuso in the same fashion that he vetted taxi drivers.  Mr. Camuso would be a hypocrite to hide behind the city solicitor and - kicking and screaming - not want to put to rest the rumors of his alleged attack on his own grandmother with a meat cleaver; allegations that his own parents put a restraining order on him, allegations of alcohol abuse (indeed, Camuso has admitted to the entire city that he is in "Alcoholics Anonymous" - perhaps no one read him the definition of the word "anonymous",) allegations that Camuso attempted arson and - instead - lit himself on fire; allegations that Mr. Camuso was involved in some scam that deprived pizza parlors and possibly Chinese restaurants, allegations that Camuso was such a troublemaker that he was sent to a special school - and lied about it when questioned at  the city council.

It is no allegation that Mr. Camuso attempted to frighten or possibly hurt me behind city hall when he came at me with his SUV, blasted his horn in the dark, pointed his finger at me,
then shot through the DO NOT ENTER sign to turn right towards Salem St. after a council meeting. There should be a police report on that incident, and others.

The public records request is enclosed.  If this request is denied and if the council under Camuso's pal Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr. engages in its censorship tactics again, it may be the door to a lawsuit against the city council for fracturing the First Amendment.

Taxi Drivers had to be honest with Paul Camuso.  Now Mr. Camuso is obligated to be upfront about his background - and to answer why and what for - if he isn't allowed into certain areas as an employee of the sheriff's department because of his history - just as he forced taxi drivers to be upfront and go through a CORI check.  

Camuso's position as part of the transition team
- having to potentially interview the police chief and others - deserves no less.

The citizens have been cheated out of so much.  We don't want Aaron Hernandez, imprisoned ex-N.E. Patriot being head of a transition team, there are rumors about Camuso that are chilling.

Now is Paul Camuso's opportunity to put those rumors to rest - if he has a sealed juvenile record, if he did commit those crimes, and why he should be in such a position of power.   

If Paul Camuso has a serious criminal record, what does that say about Ms. Muccini-Burke's first choice as acting Mayor?


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